Some residents in South Louisiana are reporting hearing a loud boom on Tuesday evening.

WWL-TV reports that several people reported hearing the loud boom that shook homes and rattled windows.

One resident went to their security cameras and was able to retrieve the sound, but no one knew where it came from.


This is not the first time residents in Louisiana have reported a loud boom. I have seen several people on social media in recent months ask where a loud boom may have come from.

The New Orleans television station did reach out to the Slidell Police Department and the John C. Stennis Space Center but have not heard back from them.

So, what could have caused this boom in South Louisiana? Was it a small earthquake off the coast or perhaps a sonic boom from a jet? The mystery remains.

Here's the moment some homes were shaken on Tuesday evening around the New Orleans area.


The Slidell Police Dept is aware of the boom, and here's what they are saying on social media, in a fun roundabout way.


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