Chances are you spent at least part of your time this past Memorial Day weekend on the road. By all accounts, the roadways were packed with motorists eager to escape to a place that is "somewhere other than here" after being "cooped up" for a year or so with coronavirus restrictions. This was the first major holiday the nation and Louisiana have experienced since a large portion of those restrictions were lifted and people were eager to get out and drive and maybe even more so to get out on the water.

While it's not unusual to have a lot of congestion on the roadways during a holiday weekend it is a little unusual to see a large number of watercraft that were out on the lakes, bays, bayous, and beaches of Louisiana this past weekend. But when you think about it, it all makes sense.


Last year, a large number of us in an effort to "have a life" went out and purchased RVs and boats in record numbers. While I don't know about the crowd at the campgrounds, I do know that there were more boaters on the water this past weekend than we have seen in quite a while.

Louisiana boat dealers reported record sales last year during the pandemic and this past weekend, almost everyone who has a boat must have been out in theirs. The influx of newer or inexperienced boaters has led to a lot of "rescue" missions already this spring. Sea Tow Services conducted a survey of boaters ahead of the Memorial Day Holiday and their findings suggest there is a 142% increase in the likelihood for ungrounding services.


The Sea Tow Survey also found that more than half of all boat owners plan on using their watercraft more this summer than they did last summer. And with more boats on the water, this could lead to more opportunities for accidents and crashes.

Sea Tow reminds all boaters to have proper life-saving equipment on board and be mindful of where the water level is high. Flooding has hidden a lot of dangers in the water and new boaters might not be aware of those hidden limbs and outcroppings. Also, Sea Tow reminds you to check your fuel level before you leave the dock. It's a lot easier to fill up there, than for them to come to find you with a gas can.

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