If aliens ever decide to make a visit to Earth you may want to be in Louisiana.

The New York Post recently ran a story highlighting states' alien survival score and the state of Louisiana ranked high amongst a few other states.

That means, according to the NY Post who linked to this bizarre story, your chances of surviving an alien attack or invasion of Earth are much greater if you're in the state of Louisiana.

Other southern states with a high chance of surviving an alien invasion are Alabama and Georgia. Our neighbors to the east, west, and north of Louisiana didn't score so great.

If you're curious as to which state has the best "alien survival score" that would be Virginia. With such a large military presence per capita in Virginia, you'd be best protected against the invaders.


The state with the worst score and chance of surviving an alien attack is Nevada.

So, why would Louisiana be one of the best states to be in if aliens visited and wished to take over?

Many on social media hinted it may be because most here hunt and have weapons to defend themselves, while others suggested it's because people here would turn them into a meal as we do with wildlife.

Truth be told, according to this study, Louisiana would be a great state to be in during an alien invasion because of the wooded area and large police presence throughout the state.

If you know of anyone who is into extraterrestrial life, you may want to share this with them. I am certain they'd enjoy this study.



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