There aren't many places locally that remain untouched by humans, but there are some that have been abandoned for several years.

Urban explorers, in the past, have shared photos of their adventures into places such as the now-defunct Six Flags in New Orleans.

Abandoned six flags theme park from r/urbanexploration

Closer to home, there are few abandoned places to which the public has access. According to this post on Reddit, an old paper mill in Iberia Parish on the banks of Bayou Teche is one of those places.

Permission is needed to visit the paper mill, but it looks like a neat place to explore.

Google Maps

The other area mentioned is one of the drainage coulees in Lafayette that features lots of graffiti (I'm not certain of the legality of exploring the area but, if you do, it's advised that you wait until we've had a few days of no rain).

I would like to get in to explore the old Trappey's cannery on the Vermilion River at the Evangeline Thruway - it looks like something out of an old Scooby-Doo episode!

Google Maps

Only In Your State has a few more interesting abandoned destinations within the confines of the Bayou State.


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