Governor Edwards recently announced that residents of Louisiana will be able to dine at restaurants with outdoor seating, but without table service.

The move comes as the state is trying to open up the economy after the coronavirus shutdown. Baby steps will be taken until, hopefully, the economy is totally back up-and-running, save for the establishments that didn't survive the shutdown.

Outdoor dining, or al fresco, is sometimes hit-or-miss in South Louisiana: some days are so hot that it's downright miserable, and other days it's so windy that my combover turns into an 80s punk band hairstyle. Anyway, here is an incomplete list of restaurants in the area with outdoor seating. (Be certain to contact individual restaurants to make certain they will allow people to dine on their outdoor seating.)



There are many, many more to add to this list but, alas, so little time. I posted the "who has outdoor seating" question on my Facebook page and, in short order, I had over 100 replies. There were so many restaurants on that list I've visited, yet didn't notice the outside seating. So, if your favorite didn't make the above list, it probably made this one:

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