Here in Acadiana, there are so many people who are happy to help their fellow man.

This is the story of 69-year-old Joyce Goodie of Carencro who was just going about her usual business at home after being off of work the other day according to KLFY.

She put some chicken in the oven and then went about doing some other chores when she started hearing a noise. She went to the kitchen a couple of times thinking the noise was coming from there, but ti was not.

After going back to the kitchen she heard the noise again and when she looked out of the window horror just covered her whole body as she realized her little shed and carport were on fire.

Carencro House Fire 1
Photo courtesy of KLFY

Carencro firefighters responded quickly and did what they could, but this woman lost her entire home as the fire engulfed everything. Goodie, thankfully, was not hurt.

Because she doesn't have any insurance, the woman only has a gofundme page in order to try to raise money to rebuild.

After hearing about this woman's story, local contractor Keith Kisbaugh says he just felt compelled to help Goodie, so he is going to help this woman rebuild her home.

Carencro House Fire 2
Photo courtesy of KLFY

What's the rebuild going to cost Goodie? NOTHING. Kishbaugh says it's going to take several months to complete the work, but he is going to rebuild this woman's home free of charge.

What an amazing thing to do for this woman. This local businessman is basically going to help this woman put her life back together.

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