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I received the following note from the public relations manager with the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra,  Rachael Sudul, and thought that it was a beautiful story of art colliding with art.

From Rachael:

This past Christmas the “magic” of the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra, together with the fluid hand of designer and illustrator Denise Gallagher, became a divine blend of creativity, and a lion was born.

Art, the ability to take a thought, emotion, passion and transform it into something beyond one’s self that others can enjoy, breathe in, listen to, and admire. We are a very fortunate community to have a dense culture of art and artistic expression here whether it be music, painting, dance, sculpture and more. This Christmas, art collided and a lion appeared.

Denise Gallagher is a well-known residential artist here in Acadiana, most recently for her poster design for this year’s Festival international de Louisiane. She was invited to attend the rehearsal of Acadiana Symphony Orchestra’s “Magic of the Season” Christmas concert, featuring Zachary Richard.

It all started as a wisp of an idea. While gushing to Miguel Ochoa one day about an Acadiana Symphony performance I'd recently attended, I mentioned how the music had filled my head with images. I longed to draw along with the music. Miguel loved the idea.

And so, with the Maestro's blessing, I sat perched above the rehearsing musicians and I drew. I sat in the balcony, sketchbook on my knee, and let the music inspire me.

The music was enchanting — at times quiet and magical, then bold and majestic with a touch of melancholy. Zachary Richard's words were poetry. My heart was full. And for me and my sketchbook, time seemed to stand still. - Denise Gallagher, Acadiana artist

The Symphony is one of those experiences right here at home, where you can stop, fill your mind with beautiful music, and live in the moment of that sound. There are very few times when we are able to “stop and smell the roses” amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but when we do, what a treat. There’s magic in those “roses”, in those moments, when we stop and really see what gifts we have around us. Denise will be attending future rehearsals and we can’t wait to see the “roses” that come from the different inspirations! Heartstrings in February, what will the saxophone inspire… Perfectly Frank in March with the crooning of Sal Viviano… Gems to look forward to for sure.

So Happy New Year Acadiana… and may 2017 be filled with roses, magic, and lions. May your year be gifted with inspiration, art, and joy, and may the Symphony be a part of it.

Rachael Sudul, Public Relations Manager, Acadiana Symphony Orchestra & Conservatory of Music.


Imagine: art, inspiring art. It's a beautiful thing, isn't it? Here's the image that resulted from that inspiration:

Submitted artwork of Denise Gallagher - Sketch to MAGIC OF THE SEASON
Submitted artwork of Denise Gallagher - Sketch to MAGIC OF THE SEASON

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