Lafayette, we have a problem. Cygnus Lindsey posted this photo on Facebook, from Girard Park, and it shows a lot of litter and bread near the ponds in the park.

A lot of people who frequent the park often bring bread to feed the ducks, but now it's becoming a problem. Perhaps too many people are feeding the ducks in Girard Park these days because the ducks aren't eating all of the bread.

In addition to leftover bread in the park, now we're seeing more litter around the ponds. And this has to stop.

I agree with what Cygnus posted on Facebook, "Lafayette we are better than this." She also makes another good point in her post.

There are other healthy alternatives when it comes to feeding the ducks in the park. Come on Lafayette, let's clean this mess up and let's all do our part to keep Lafayette beautiful.

This can't continue.


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