Don't let these photos fool you: the lines to vote today at the East Side library are moving along well.

Today is the final day to vote early in the 2020 Presidential Election, and many Acadiana residents are eager to get their votes in early.

Townsquare Media Photo by John Falcon

One voter we spoke to said, "Don't let the line fool you, it moved fairly quickly for me", saying that she was in and out quicker than she thought she'd be.

Lafayette Parish usually only has one early voting location (Downtown), but, this year, decided to open a few more. It appears that people are taking advantage of the extra locations, as Louisiana is seeing very high numbers of early voters compared to past years.

Townsquare Media Photo by John Falcon

Most seen in the photos were socially distanced and masked, though there are a few who can be spotted with masks lowered or hanging off of one ear.

If you do decide to vote today, bring your ID, a mask, a chair (if you have trouble standing for a long period), and a bucket of patience.

Townsquare Media Photo by John Falcon

Early voting closes today at 7pm at the MLK Rec Center, the Lafayette Parish Courthouse, and the East Side Library in Youngsville.

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