We should stay on Daylight saving Time all year! I like standard time on the Sunday we switch to it, not after. We fool ourselves into thinking we gain an hour of sleep. It gets dark an hour earlier. I hate that. The sun coming up earlier is meaningless to me. By the time we reach the winter solstice, it's getting dark at 4:30. YUK!! If you're not the type who rises at the crack of dawn, you get less exposure to daylight. That means a drop in serotonin levels. That's surely accountable, at least in part, for suicide rates escalating during winter. There's also research indicating a switch to permanent daylight saving time would bring a drop in crime rates, and traffic crashes. We'd also spend less on energy to light and heat our homes in winter. 54% of Americans don't like switching their clocks twice a year, according to you.gov. I certainly don't.

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