There are exactly eighty nine days until Christmas. This year, 99.9 KTDY is asking you to "Light Up Lafayette". We need the spirit of Christmas in Acadiana to be bright this year. Let's "Light Up Lafayette" and get ready to say goodbye to a year many believe to be the worst in history.

This Christmas season will mark the beginning of the end for one of the strangest years mankind has ever experience. From killer bees to a worldwide pandemic, 2020 has brought much bad. But we, the people of Acadiana, have the power to change all that. Let's "Light Up Lafayette" and shut the door on '2020 as we usher in 2021 with a new attitude.

Your 99.9 KTDY radio family is asking that you help "Light Up Lafayette". What that means is, this year, put up those Christmas lights! If you didn't put up decorations last year or the year before, plan to this year. We also ask that if you have the financial means to do so, add a few more lights to your display this year. We really want Lafayette, Lousiana to be a beacon of hope for the coming year as well as an example to the world that politics, people and a pandemic cannot and will not stop the celebration and joy that is an Acadiana Christmas.

99.9 KTDY will once again strive to be Acadiana's Christmas music station, playing only the biggest and most popular Christmas music 24/7. You will also be able to use the KTDY mobile app for continuous Chirstmas music.

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You are Louisiana Strong. You are Acadiana proud. Let's get ready to make this Christmas the biggest, best and brightest ever! Be thinking of how you can make your workspace, classroom, storefront, dorm room, home or office, anywhere, a little brighter than the last time you decorated. Let's get ready to "Light Up Lafayette"!

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