Have you ever cut a lemon that somehow put itself back together when you weren't looking?

Lemon Cutting Matrix Glitch
YouTube Via Random/TikTok Via KahootDaddy777

Lemon Cutting Glitch Video

TikTok user @KahootDaddy777, Jade Gonzalez,  is claiming to have experienced a glitch in the Matrix in real life.

Luckily, it was all caught on surveillance video where she works.

As Gonzalez is prepping lemons she cuts a whole lemon in half and then cuts one of the lemon halves in half.

At that point, she turns to grab a bag to put the two pieces of lemon she just cut in.

However, when Gonzalez grabs the two pieces of lemon to put in the bag she realizes something...strange.

The lemon isn't cut anymore.

Gonzalez Via TikTok -

"In this video, you can see me grabbing a lemon, right? I cut it in half and then I cut it in half once more, right? You can SEE me cut it."


Lemon Cutting Matrix Glitch Video
YouTube Via Random/TikTok Via KahootDaddy777


As you can see above, there are clearly two pieces of lemon.

Technically there are three pieces, with the 3rd piece being the whole half of lemon she hasn't cut yet.

Gonzalez turns and grabs a bag, but when grabs the lemon...and it's not cut...but she just cut it.

Did we really just see a lemon forget it was cut and put itself back together?

Maybe she didn't cut it all the way through the first time?

Gonzalez, as well as everyone else in the kitchen, is working at a pretty quick pace and definitely is "in the zone", but you can see her snap out of it with a look of confusion on her face when she picks up the lemon(s).

Shockingly, the internet has a few opinions...

lemon cutting hoax
YouTube Via Random

Watch the video and let us know what you think is going on here.


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