Who remembers Steak and Ale?

I was little but I remember that this was the "fancy restaurant" that suddenly disappeared at some point.

Well, it did disappear in 2008 when they filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy forcing the 58 remaining restaurants to close.

However, in 2015 Paul and Gwen Mangiamele partnered with Bennigan’s (remember that restaurant?) and acquired Steak and Ale with the hopes to bring it back better than it was before.

And that is just what they are working towards. Yes, that’s right, Steak and Ale is making a comeback.

“We wanted to keep the same vibe, the same ambiance, the same energy,” Paul Mangiamele said in an interview. “It was hard to replicate and still keep the integrity of the brand sound.”

You may be asking yourself, do people care if Steak and Ale makes a comeback? And the answer is yes.

There is actually a Facebook page that is devoted to the restaurant's comeback and it has over 50,000 people on it.

Back in the day Steak and Ale was a pretty popular spot for special occasions and dinners. It also had a pretty unique ambiance, which will be returning as well as the logo and menu.

Can anyone say unlimited salad bar? Yes, please.

Of course, the restaurant will expand the menu and drink options a bit but for the most part, customers can expect the same things from this new concept.

In case you are wondering what your check may cost you at this updated restaurant it is projected that you will spend about $40 to $50 during your visit.

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Now before you get too excited there is no indication that we will get a Steak and Ale here in Louisiana any time soon. But don’t give up hope, it could happen one day.

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