While the news surrounding Sean Payton stepping away as head coach of the New Orleans Saints has rattled the franchise's fan base, some are baffled by the shocking line from a leaked clip in the new movie that features a cameo from the beloved coach.

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Payton's acting career may not have the most promising future but, he does deliver one shocking line in the clip that has many, including some of his most prominent players, reacting on social media.

Twitter via @DrewBleez
Twitter via @DrewBleez

The new Netflix movie 'Home Team' features actor Kevin James portraying Sean Payton in the time period where the coach was suspended from his role and went off to lead his son's 6th-grade football team.

Many on social media were surprised by the casting of James to play Payton, but the Adam Sandler produced film has still brought some excitement to those anxious at a look into the unique period in the long-time Saints coach's personal life.

Sean Payton/Kevin James
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Yes, the casting of Kevin James to play Payton caught people off guard. Nevertheless, James is an experienced and talented actor who would certainly put his best foot forward for the role.

Kevin James as Sean Payton

The movie is family-friendly and while I have not gotten a chance to see it yet, the idea of having any insight into the "bounty-gate" era is enough for me to want to check it out. Thankfully, a clip from the movie has leaked onto social media and it actually features a Sean Payton cameo.

Twitter via @DrewBleez
Twitter via @DrewBleez

I must warn you, Payton is wearing an absolutely horrendous wig during his cameo that appears to show him portraying a Superdome cleaning-person named "Lionel". A really cool tidbit is that "Lionel" was an actual custodian who was beloved by those who worked in the Superdome. He unfortunately recently passed away from COVID.

But don't pay too much attention to the wig, just listen to the line Payton delivers right before exiting his own office.

Sean Payton's Cameo in the Netflix Movie 'Home Team' with Kevin James

Check out the clip for yourself via @DrewBleez on Twitter below.

In the clip, Payton's cameo features Lionel welcoming Kevin James back into his office. Before he walks away, Payton delivers an epic line where he tells James, "We really suck without you". While the sentiment is funny in the context of the past, it is a bit concerning as the future of the Saints' franchise without Sean Payton is certainly something to think about.

The full film 'Home Team' is now available to watch on Netflix, but this clip alone has stirred up many on social media. That includes defensive phenom for the Saints, Cam Jordan.

Jordan reflects on that season without Payton, saying that even though he had eight sacks - the team was "horrid" with a (7-9) record. More on social media have started putting in their two-cents regarding Payton's cameo.

Now that Payton has stepped away from the Saints, some on social media seem to be really feeling that line as the future without the longtime coach seems uncertain.

Others are simply enjoying Payton's appearance in the movie about himself.

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