The Lafayette Consolidated Government Council voted 6-2 to institute traffic cameras in selected school zones within the city of Lafayette.

The city's existing traffic cameras were unplugged last June. Before, during and after their installation and use, traffic cameras became a hotly contested topic for motorists in the Hub City.

The passage of the measure leaves many questions on the minds of residents and motorists here.

  • Is this a safety issue? Or a revenue issue?
  • How will LCG improve collection of fines incurred from the traffic cameras?
  • Which school zones will have the cameras in place? And why not others?

Two LCG councilmen answered some of those questions. They discussed their views--and their opposing votes--on the resolution that approves the school zone traffic cameras.

District 6 Councilman Bruce Conque voted for the resolution. He joined KPEL's Rob Kirkpatrick and Bernadette Lee on Wednesday's edition of Acadiana's Morning News.


District 9 Councilman William Theriot cast a vote against the measure Tuesday night. He spoke with KPEL's Brandon Comeaux and Shannon Wilkerson on Offsides Wednesday afternoon.

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