I was cruising through Facebook last night when I came across a story posted by a friend of mine, who is a relatively new father, and it talked about how lamp oils and citronella lamp fuels are poisonous to children.

Reading the comments in the story prompted me to do a quick search for fuel oil poisoning;  I found that most petroleum-based oils are poisonous, including baby oil!!!

In the story, one family is re-establishing their back yard deck one spring when their toddler picked up a decorative citronella oil lamp and poured the oil onto his face.  After a rush to the hospital, a tracheal intubation, a medically-induced coma and a week-long stay in ICU, their child is healthy again.

The American Lung Association reminds us that lung disease doesn't affect only those who smoke: if you aspirate fumes from petroleum-based products, petroleum-fueled "exhaust", any type of smoke, even some essential oils, you could be subject to a number of ailments, including chemical pneumonia and carbon monoxide poisoning.

There are so many everyday items in our homes, offices and camps/vacation areas that are poisonous to children and adults alike: this is just a reminder that what we might think is harmless could very well take our children from us!


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