Rising country star Lainey Wilson knows exactly what you're looking at.

If you've logged on to the internet in the last month, chances are you've seen her backside on your timeline. A recent TikTok video from user @caittybear has racked up nearly 7 million views in the last two weeks.

What's even crazier than that number is that we're not even counting the reshares, reposts, screen records, and screen grabs that have taken on a viral life of their own on multiple social media platforms.

Imagine giving your all to your craft of creating and performing music, but the one thing that people are focused on is the junk in your trunk. As I said, Lainey Wilson is very aware of the obsession as she acknowledged the attention her booty has been getting in a recent Instagram post.

For those who aren't familiar with the many contexts of "dump truck," the one that Wilson is referring to has nothing to do with construction or job sites. It's also not the first time that the country singer and recent "Yellowstone" guest star has responded to the internet drooling over her butt, but her message still remains the same.

Wilson, a Baskin, Louisiana native, said she can't even scroll on her TikTok "For You" page without seeing her "fat butt on everything." While some may be offended at this type of attention, the country star says "whatever brings the people in," as long as they go check out her record.

However you found me, I'm happy you're here.

As far as the title of her latest album being named 'Bell Bottom Country' (emphasis on "bottom," right?) Wilson says that her team didn't even plan that but "the Lord has a way of working things out."

Between sold-out shows, huge streaming numbers, her "Yellowstone" character, and her fast-rising popularity, the attention on her assets is just one more thing that this future country superstar will have to carry on her way to the top as 2023 looks to be another promising year for Wilson.

As a matter of fact, one of her first shows in the new year will be right here in Lafayette at the Acadiana Center for the Arts and you can get info on how you can see her up close and in person here via our sister station.

Best of luck to Lainey Wilson, and just know that she's got just as good a future ahead of her as her fans believe she has behind her.

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