Lafayette's own MacKenzie Bourg (Mac), found that his audition video for American Idol was just tweeted by American Idol.  After a phone call to Mac, KTDY has permission to let you see it BEFORE it airs tomorrow evening on FOX.

I had just arrived home Tuesday evening when I received a text from Mac.  He sent a video of his American Idol audition to my phone with a note, "Tomorrow night it is!".  I was so excited, I gave Mac a call.  He said, American Idol had tweeted his audition video and it would air on the show tomorrow night.

Mac is an amazing young man.  I've known his family forever and a day.  MacKenzie reminds me of Hunter Hayes, also a regular visitor to the KTDY studio.  Mac knows what he was put on the Earth to do, has invented his own style, writes much of his own music, plays multiple instruments and has more talent in his little finger than many artists on the radio today.

After reminding Mac how incredibly proud Uncle CJ is of him, he said to me that he leaves Friday.  That could only mean one thing...right?!  Hollywood baby!  However, let's be very clear, MacKenzie did not confirm anything.  But I think it's a safe assumption that he didn't mean he was taking a trip to Ville Platte.  I'm going to predict he's going to Hollywood!

In the audition he performs a three song medley.  He talks to Harry Connick Jr. about having a few things in common with the New Orleans native including being from Louisiana and that they share the same birthday.  All the judges seemed captivated by our 23-year-old Lafayette native.

I've watched this young man's career, like many here in Acadiana for years.  He's 23 now.  He has experience from being on The Voice and hundreds of live performances under his belt.  Coupled with the maturity of his voice, his style, commitment to his trade and his ability to play just about any instrument you put in front of him, MacKenzie Bourg could very well be the last American Idol.

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