For the first time in a long (very long) time, I took a train ride within the United States. I'm not talking about subway/public transportation type of train ride: I took an Amtrak train from Pennsylvania to New York City.

The one-way trip took about 6 hours (3 hour car ride to Harrisburg from Pittsburgh, and then just a little over 3 hours from Harrisburg to Pennsylvania Station in New York City), which is about the same time it would take if we would have driven to NYC. The good thing about taking the train was that we didn't have to worry about parking in NYC.

That got me thinking about taking Amtrak from Lafayette to New Orleans. I looked up the ticket price on the Amtrak site: the train ride takes about 4 hours each way, but if your trip to New Orleans won't require needing a car, then a $44 round-trip ticket sounds pretty good! Oh, and Amtrak doesn't charge any extra fees with their tickets like the airlines, so the $44 is $44. And, you can get your brother-in-law to drop you off at the train station so you don't have to pay to park!

Just for grins, I checked prices to Houston: $60 round-trip.

So, I guess that a short-term bucket list item for me now will be to take the Sunset Limited from Lafayette to New Orleans. I'm curious to see what sights are on the route!

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