Disaster survivor help teams will be working with the residents in the temporary shelter in the Heymann Center to get a more permanent home.

The Lafayette Consolidated Government says various nonprofits agencies will help those people left at the Heymann Center shelter to find a new home so they no longer will have to stay at a shelter.

Lafayette Mayor President Joel Robideaux says,

"The Red Cross and the community at large have worked hard to make the shelter as comfortable as possible. However, these families and individuals deserve more privacy than what can be offered in a community shelter. My primary goal is to upgrade our displaced citizens from cots to beds."

FEMA, Red Cross, church groups and other service organizations will be teaming up according to government to help residents with the following challenges that they face:

  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Nutritional/Food support
  • Legal assisstance
  • Mental health services

The Red Cross opened the shelter on Friday, August 12, and at one time it housed more than 300 people.

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