The summer dance recital is a rite of passage for many families in South Louisiana. I remember a time, many summer's ago, when I had to struggle with getting my daughter's hair into a "dance mom" approved bun for the show. My wife was out of town on business and thankfully, the dancing crowd is a helpful crowd and the show went on and the hair stayed put. God bless Aquanet.

Now, as we sit in the year 2020, the summer dance recital has taken on a whole new look. At first, there were concerns as to whether or not Lafayette's Heymann Performing Arts Center would even be allowed to host the recitals over concerns about COVID-19.

Obviously, as Louisiana moved into Phase 2 of the coronavirus recovery plan, those shows were allowed to go on but with restrictions. It's those restrictions that have prompted a warning from the State Fire Marshal's Office regarding capacity at the Heymann.

A spokesperson for Lafayette Consolidated Government told KATC Television that they were aware of the SFM warning. That spokesman suggested that there would be an announcement concerning adjustments involving dance recitals that are scheduled to take place later this month. No timetable was offered as to when that announcement would be made or what adjustments would be included.

As of now, the shows will go on but it does sound as if things will have to proceed at least a little differently for the upcoming recitals than for the recitals that have already occurred. By the way, the State Fire Marshal's Office has not received any complaints on record regarding the recitals or any of the dance schools that have already held events at the Heymann Center


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