It wasn't that long ago that a telephone was something that sat on a desk or was fastened to a wall. These days your telephone may be the most important piece of technology that you own. Making sure that you can do what you need to do on your phone has been on the mind's of Lafayette Consolidated Government too.

That's why LCG has announced that it is in the beginning stages of bringing 5G service to the Hub City and surrounding area. Currently, almost all smartphones operate with 4G service, the 5G is the next technological step in the evolution of phone service but in order to upgrade the service, the infrastructure will need to be upgraded as well.

That means LCG council members are currently exploring where new cell towers can be located. How they are going to look when they are built, and what parts of the community and parish will get the first ones. There are also questions about costs and who will be footing the bill for the new technology.

All of those questions will need to be answered or there will at least need to be a plan in place to make sure the transition into a world of 5G will go smoothly without any more than necessary government red tape.

Of course all of the 4G,5G talk has to do with how well your smartphone can receive data for music, downloads, video streams, and the like. The 5G is coming that's for sure. Lafayette just wants to be on the cutting edge of the service when it does become available and the next generations of smartphones start to require it.

I think it's a very good idea for Lafayette to be proactive on this kind of technology. It's going to happen, we might as well make sure it happens the way we want it so we aren't scrambling to put it all together at the last minute only to wonder why it doesn't work as promised.




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