We've certainly seen how disruptive the coronavirus pandemic has been on our school systems across the region. While the focus as students return to class is certainly the health and well being of everyone, there also has to be an eye cast forward to the future, beyond the pandemic.

Last spring many Lafayette Parish students were unable to take the ACT or American College Testing, a precursor for being accepted into many institutions of higher learning. That cancellation had left many students without that necessary test score to complete their college entrance application.

On Tuesday, students in Lafayette Parish who are seniors or graduating juniors will be allowed to take the ACT on the campus of their current high school. The normal $40 fee to take the test will be waived for testing that day.

If you're uncertain as to whether or not you qualify to take the test on Tuesday we suggest you contact your school's guidance counselor. They can certainly offer more clarity on when and where you'll need to be to take the ACT. By the way, if you or your student would like to take a practice test that can be done online. by visiting this site, app.masteryprep.com/login. You will log in using your student email and ACT123 as the password.


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