If you will allow me to go all Space Jam on you, "Are Y'all Ready For This"? Not for a interstellar basketball game but for back to school, the pandemic edition? If we were living in a more normal time one of the concerns that many parents would have at this time would be about transportation.

Hopefully, if you're kids will attend in person classes in Lafayette Parish Public Schools, this recent release from the Lafayette Parish Public Schools Transportation Department will ease your mind about the transportation aspect of back to school.

You'll find bus routes, driver information , and other pertinent information as it relates to the safe transportation of your child from your home to his or her school and then safely returned. There is also a Facebook group that you can join that will be another great way to get information confirmed and questions answered.

Since Lafayette Schools have pushed back their start date for classes until September the 8th you will have a little extra time to review this information. Naturally, questions are encouraged. Not only about bus routes and bus stops but about any aspect of students returning to class, you can get them answered right here.


Lowering a Child’s Stress and Anxiety When Returning Back to School


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