A local man is warning all of us to not fall for this couple's tricks. Apparently they are going around parking lots and asking for assistance, when they don't really need it.

The man behind the camera stops someone from offering this couple assistance because he just helped them. Yes, they were using the same story they told him on someone else, but luckily he was nearby.

The couple appears to be going around the Lafayette/Opelousas area asking for help. They lift the hood of their SUV and put a gas tank under it to draw attention to them. Like most scammers, they then give you a long drawn out story and plead for your assistance.

Don't fall for this. The man in the video says he put gas their vehicle and bought them food---Still, they were asking for more help.

And I agree with this man's post, its people like this that discourage you and me from helping those who really need it.

Shame on them!

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