A Lafayette High student with spina bifida, Logan Watkins, was asked to prom by his friend Ali and he wanted to get a limo for prom night. Unfortuantely, Logan did not have the money for the limo, but he did have a plan.

Logan set up a lemonade stand in the front of his home in hopes of raising enough money for the limo. Well, when his mother put his story on Facebook, Acadiana came through.

According to a Facebook post by Logan's mother, "Logan raised all the money he needed in one afternoon and got the limo free after all and an offer of a trolley for that night!"

So what does he do with the money he raised? Logan has decided to split his earnings between CYT Lafayette, Brittni Clements, and the DREAMS Foundation, a nonprofit that helps kids with special needs.

This is what Lafayette and Acadiana is all about!! Too often we get caught up in the wrong thing(s), but then we read stories like this. Thanks to social media, a couple of Lafayette High students will have the limo they wanted on prom night.

On a side note, Logan will continue to sell lemonade this week in the front of his house to help out those already mentioned. If you'd like to help Logan and his friend's out, go buy A LOT of lemonade in Londonderry sq in Austin village subdivision!! He will be set up each day by 3:30 and sell till 5pm!!!

We need more GREAT stories like this. And thanks to all that made this young man's wish come true.

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