This morning we received this statement from Dr. Pat Cooper, Superintendent of Lafayette Parish Schools:

Today we grieve the loss of one of our faculty members, Ms. Alicia Gauthier, teacher at Lafayette High School. Ms. Gauthier passed away after falling ill during one of her class periods, mid-day on Monday, April 14th. Her commitment to her students, her co-faculty and the staff at Lafayette High School was so great that all who knew her well know that she left us while doing what she loved most, teaching American History. Ms. Gauthier had been a faculty member at Lafayette High School for 15 years and 28 years with our school system. She will be missed by all. Dr. Pat Leonard, Principal at the school told me last evening, “Her dedication and commitment was felt by all here at our school. She was a very talented teacher and her students always came first. Ms. Gauthier was certified in teaching gifted students Social Studies and Biology, but her favorite was American History.”
Our condolences go out to the Gauthier family, her students and colleagues at Lafayette High School. Special arrangements have been made to provide additional support to anyone at the school that may request it.


KTDY and Townsquare Media extend our sincere condolences.

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