It's Prom season in Acadiana. For many, it will be a night they will always fondly remember. For three Lafayette High students, this will undoubtedly be true. A Junior at Lafayette High has caught the attention and hearts of people across Acadiana, and the entire country. This past Saturday night, she took her two best friends, both special needs students, to Prom.

KLFY reports Lafayette High Junior Shaylon Mitchell attended Prom with her two close friends, Seniors Sammy Drake and Logan Watkins. Sammy Drake has downs syndrome and Logan Watkins has spina bifida. Shaylon asked them both if they would be her prom dates.

Shaylon tells KLFY “One of the most intimidating aspects of the prom is finding and asking someone to be your prom date. I love both of them like brothers and I wanted this day to be special for them. Rejection, especially in high school, can be terrifying.”

Both of the young men said "YES".

The three reportedly had the night of their lives. With the help of friends, they enjoyed a pre-prom photo session, and hit the town in style in a limousine.

Shaylon, thank you for being so beautiful, inside and out. This story moved me more than you can know. As a proud father raising my three kids in Acdiana, one of whom is graduating from Lafayette High this year, I can't express how grateful I am to you for the compassion and love you bring to this area. You make Acadiana great.

I can't imagine how proud your family is of you, but something tells me this probably didn't surprise them because you've been doing amazing things like this your whole life.

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