Officials with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office confirm that several deputies and one inmate have tested positive for Covid-19 infection.

Valeri Ponseti, Spokeswoman for the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office, says in a press release that one inmate at the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center has tested positive for Covid-19.

In addition to the inmate, Ponseti says four deputies that work for the jail have also tested positive for infection.

Ponseti says the deputies and the inmate are all being isolated, and they are following all of the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention guidelines about being in quarantine.

The inmate who tested positive for Covid-19 is said to not be exhibiting symptoms according to Ponseti.

Officials with the department say they will continue to keep up their safety and sanitizing protocol throughout this process. Ponseti adds that the Sheriff's Office, along with the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center, continue to put the health and safety of everyone at the forefront.

Ponseti says they are doing the following to prevent transmission of any infections conditions by doing the following:

They require anyone who has a fever or symptoms to contact a doctor. That person must get a clearance from a medical professional before they are allowed to go back to the workplace.

Everyone has to wear a mask and have their temperature checked and this includes anyone that is coming into the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center.

If someone is booked into the jail, they have to stay in quarantine for fourteen days.

The entire facility is cleaned on a regular basis.

Everyone who is incarcerated or who works at the facility has been given the opportunity to get a free test from the National Guard.

Ponseti adds via press release,

We care deeply about the well-being of our employees as well as that of the offenders in our custody, care and control and their loved ones at home. As our community, and the rest of the world, continues to navigate this devastating pandemic, the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office will take any steps necessary to safeguard the lives of every citizen living in Lafayette Parish.

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