The construction happening at and near the intersection of Johnston Street and E/W Broussard Road has been a pain to navigate for many people who drive through that area daily.

I say that from personal experience.

But, the efforts are expected to help make the traffic flow in that area safer, though, some argue that the finished construction may make the area more inconvenient for businesses and other drivers in that area in regards to travel.

Regardless of personal opinion, Lafayette Councilwoman Liz Webb Hebert gave an update on the Johnston Street J-Turn construction project on Tuesday.

Below are the highlights of her Facebook post:

  • Two of the Three J-Turns (just south and just north of E/W Broussard) are substantially complete and in operation.
  • Workers will now concentrate on the last of the Three J-Turns, which is being built at the Johnston Street and E/W Broussard Road intersection.
  • NO LEFT TURNS: Once the final J-Turn is completed at the intersection, all traffic coming from East or West Broussard will be required to turn right onto Johnston St. and vehicles will no longer be allowed to cross or make a left turn onto Johnston St.

(Example: A vehicle on E. Broussard that wants to make a left turn and head south on US 167 will now be required to make a right turn, head north on US 167, then utilize the nearest J-Turn (just north of East/West Broussard) to make a U-turn and head south. They would then have the option to continue south on US 167 or make a right turn onto West Broussard. The situation is similar for traffic coming from West Broussard.)

  • NO LEFT TURNS II: While crews are working at the intersection of E/W Broussard, traffic traveling north or south on Johnston St. will not be allowed to make a left turn from Johnston St. onto E/W Broussard. Traffic will have to continue on Johnston St to the next J-Turn and make a U-turn. They will then be able to make a right turn onto E/W Broussard. Once construction is complete, which is expected to take approximately 3 months, on the last of the three J-Turns in this section, a signal will once again allow left turns onto E/W Broussard.



Bellevue Plantation and Crestlawn Drive J-Turn Construction

  • The work currently being done on the project involves the construction of the J-turns onto Bellevue Plantation and Crestlawn Dr. The work on these two turns involves drainage work requiring the removal of the crossovers at Crestlawn Dr, Canberra Rd, Bellevue Plantation, and Camino Real. The contractor will work to get Bellevue Plantation and Crestlawn Dr. open and then will close Driftwood to complete drainage work and then the J-turn work.

"I understand this is a heavily congested area with many households, but the work needs to be phased in this manner," says Liz Webb Hebert. "The expected opening of Crestlawn Dr. and Bellevue Plantation J-turns is mid-November, weather permitting. Driftwood would then be closed for about 3 weeks to construct that J-turn. Once Driftwood is closed, traffic will proceed south on Johnston St past East/ West Broussard to the signalized J-turn."

Hebert went on to say that the contractor will continue building several other J-turns crossings between E/W Broussard and Southcity Pkwy./Duhon Rd and that they hope to have all of these installed by the end of the year. She says in 2022 they will begin work on J-Turns between Southcity Pkwy./Duhon Rd. and Ambassador Caffery Pkwy.

The estimated completion date for this project is the fall of 2022.

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