An emergency meeting has been called for Tuesday night as the local mask ordinance will be voted on by the Lafayette City Council.

The announcement was made on City Councilwoman Liz Webb Hebert's facebook page, as well as by press release from the Administrative Assistant for the Council's office. Hebert says the vote will happen right before the City Council meeting at 5:30 p.m.

This comes nearly a week after fellow councilwoman Nanette Cook withdrew her support from the local ordinance "after numerous conversations with constituents and members of our medical community." Cook had been teaming up with fellow City Councilman Glenn Lazard in pushing for it, despite Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory's opposition to it.

Lazard has been working on the writing of the ordinance, which you can read in its entirety BELOW. In it, the ordinance lists these four main things:

  • Who does/Who does not have to abide by the mask mandate.
  • Lafayette Police and any other law enforcement agencies that have jurisdiction within would be enforcing the citations only on businesses and organizations - other than religious organizations - that fail to enforce the mandate.
  • First violation would merit a courtesy warning; Second violation would merit a written warning; Third violation would merit a misdemeanor summons, with increased penalties for each subsequent violation.
  • Visitors, patrons, or employees who refuse to comply could be charged with "trespassing or any other appropriate criminal violation."

Lafayette Mask Ordinance

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