The mother of students at a Virginia school allegedly threatened to bring loaded guns to school if her children are required to wear masks, according to reports.

A Washington, DC television station, WUSA9, posted a video from the public comments portion of a recent Page County, Virginia school board meeting in which the mother allegedly made the threat.

The incident stems from the recent announcement that Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin's had issued an order to make masks optional for Virginia schools. This school district, though, is keeping its own mask mandate in place.

According to the story, the woman identified herself as Amelia King and, judging by her comments, she has more than one child enrolled in the school district.

King began by telling the board that she had spoken at a meeting in the past, and had been cut off after her allotted 3 minutes were up.  It appears that she didn't learn her lesson at the first meeting because she ended up being cut off again.

Just as King was beginning to make her feelings known about the district's mask mandate, her time was up and the board cut her off.

Before she left the podium, though, she said, "No mask mandates."

She continued by allegedly saying what clearly sounded like a threat. "My child... my children will not come to school Monday with a mask on, alright? That's not happening" King began. Then she was able to utter a few more words before being cut off again. "I will bring every single gun loaded and ready to... I will call every..." King said, and that is about as far as she got before she was interrupted. She was told that she had gone past her time, that it was just policy for them to interrupt her.

As King walked away from the podium, she was able to get in what some consider to be one last veiled threat. She said, "I'll see y'all on Monday".

Now you may not consider "I'll see y'all on Monday" as a threat, but after you threaten to bring loaded guns to a school in response to a school policy, the school MUST take those words seriously. And that, they did.

According to a Facebook post, after King left the meeting she realized that her comments were causing "public alarm", so she contacted law enforcement to crawfish her way back from the statements.

King's statements caused enough alarm that it prompted the local police department to issue a statement about the incident:

The local police chief, in his statement, revealed that they are planning for extra police presence at schools in the district on Monday. He also said that he had reached out to state and federal authorities about the incident and that King was fully cooperating.

At this time, her comments are under investigation, but she has not been placed under arrest.

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