Often when we read headlines, the stories that follow the headlines are not always positive. Unfortunately, it seems like it's the negative things that get all of the attention.

But, we do try to keep an eye out for good news, and that's what this story is all about. It's about someone giving something from the heart to someone whose heart got hurt.

Meg Arceneaux is the owner of Hub City Cycles at 501 Jefferson Street in Downtown Lafayette. The business is locally and women-owned.

Meg Arceneaux
Photo courtesy of Hub City Cycles

Arceneaux has a great business story. Ten years ago she competed against 200 other people in a LEDA competition to win a small amount of seed money to help her start her business. Now, she continues doing what she loves, owning and running her bicycle shop.

I think it's fair to say that since 2020, many of us in Acadiana have experienced loss whether it was due to Covid, cancer, or heart attacks, many of us share a bond that is not one we are proud of, but one we must endure; the bond of grief.

Arceneaux says within a period of sixteen months she lost 13 family and friends due to one of the above-mentioned health issues, and the impact of that is still obviously felt today. She says her wife also lost people she was close to; I think many of us in Acadiana can relate.

I tell you about that to tell you about a young boy going through loss as well. His name is Dax Monnin, and his mom Chelsea says Dax's dad lost his uncle just recently. Because Dax's dad and uncle were close in age, they were close relatives, and Dax was very close to his great-uncle.

Dax is only 11 years old, and Arceneaux doesn't know Dax, but she saw on Facebook about how his bike was stolen. Here is a child, already grieving, now slapped in the face by reality again when someone steals his bike.

Arceneaux was quick to act after finding out about the situation. Today, Chelsea brought Dax to the shop to pick up his new bicycle from Meg Arceneaux. She told me she just knew she had to do this.

I'm constantly scouting for good news, and I am so pleased to be able to report on this kindness. Arceneaux says she just wanted to do something to put a smile back on this child's face.

She says he needs this bike so he has something positive to focus on. Thank you, Meg for giving Dax something from your heart to help heal his heart.

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