In a world where most adults are worried, scared, and frustrated, we have children who have no idea about all of our worries. They have no idea how much of an impact the coronavirus will have on our lives. They are innocent. They’re in their own little world having fun as normal. And there is so much beauty in that. When I came across this video of a little boy singing at mass, it lifted my spirits so much. And we all need that right now. Although this was from December, it’s a great example of the purity that surrounds us every day.

Graham Walters is a Pre-K student at Our Lady of Fatima.  I reached out to his mother, Emily, and asked if Graham took part in any drama, theater or musical arts classes. Believe it or not, she said he doesn’t. Something tells me he will in the future and he will do big things. Emily posted the video last week to spread some happiness in the middle of all of this craziness and I am SO happy she did.

Graham, thank you for making us smile in this difficult time.


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