Do you know a little girl born on this particular date?

Our friends at Piece of Cake Lafayette are looking to find a 5-year-old girl born on this particular date.

In a viral Facebook post, the local bakery says that a local mother wants to purchase a little girl's birthday cake after she lost her own daughter.

Vanessa Breaux would like to purchase a 5-year-old girl's birthday cake, who was born on April 30th.

So yes, Piece of Cake Lafayette is assisting the mother in locating a 5-year-old girl who was born on April 30th.


The bakery says that they offered to build a cake at no charge, but Vanessa wants to still do her part to put a smile on a little girl's face, in memory of the baby girl she lost five years ago.

Other local businesses and vendors have also decided to take part in the search, and the bakery tells us that the other vendors will offer up their services too.

If you know of a little girl who is about to turn five and will be celebrating her birthday on April, 30th, nominate her for the cake and more under the viral post that you can see here.

One more thing, we want to take the time to thank and salute the mom who lost her baby girl. It takes someone very special to do what she is doing and we know that your baby girl's legacy will live on forever for what you are doing for others on their special day.



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