Lady Gaga had the most supportive response after a fan dropped her off stage.

As previously reported, the "Shallow" singer had to literally put on her poker face after falling offstage while dancing with a fan during her Enigma show in Las Vegas on Thursday night (October 17). According to fan-shared videos, Gaga invited a lucky fan on stage but when she jumped into his arms the two suffered a nasty fall.

“Everything’s okay,” the A Star Is Born actress said after getting up off the ground. “The only thing that’s not okay is we need some stairs for the damn stage so I can get back up.”

The fan was visibly upset, so Gaga also made sure to give him a hug and let him know everything was fine. In fact, she even invited him back on stage. "I suppose we should have some tea after that, f--k," she joked.

“Don’t worry, everything’s fine. It’s not your fault," she told him. “Could you promise me something? Could you forgive yourself right now for what just happened?"

“You know what we did?” Mother Monster later asked as she sat beside him on the piano bench, acting like nothing even happened. “We fell into each other’s arms, Jack. We’re like Rose and Jack from the Titanic.”

Watch a video of Lady Gaga's fall and how she reacted, below:

Meanwhile, the fan in question, whose name is Jack, also spoke out about the incident.

“Lady Gaga picked up my letter and invited me on stage," he explained in a lengthy message on Twitter. "As I was getting out of the standing pit, the floor was wet so my trainers, therefore, were wet getting on the stage. To clarify I categorically DID NOT pick Lady Gaga up when I got on the stage she jumped on me."

As I was getting up I was trying to user her up my body kinda thing and my foot slipped. As we fell I tried to make sure I took the brunt of the fall and if you could see my leg you’d see that I kinda did," he added. “I WASN’T DRUNK OR ANYTHING ELSE PEOPLE ARE ACCUSING ME OF. I WASN’T ANYTHING BUT IN AWE OF HER.”

You can read the fan's full post below:

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