The name Disney has long been synonymous with great family fun and especially fun for kids. A new movie being filmed in Baton Rouge for the streaming service Disney+ appears to hold true to that philosophy. The movie is officially entitled Crater and filming is underway primarily at Celtic Studios in Baton Rouge. 

The film is one of more than a dozen or so projects currently in production or pre-production in Louisiana right now. As you might recall the film and television production industry took a big hit during the pandemic and before that many production facilities had their business grind to a halt because of changes in the state's tax credit laws. 

However, it does look as if Louisiana's film and television production industry has weathered both of those storms as projects have been returning to the state at a rather brisk pace over the past few months. The Disney+ project is expected to employ some 325 crew members and about 400 extras. Hundreds of Louisiana residents are expected to be tapped for some of those positions as well.

By the way, we weren't kidding when we mentioned the movie is about "kids on the moon" because that's exactly what it's supposed to be about. The setting takes place on the moon and will follow the adventures of the cast as they go out on adventures on the lunar surface. My guess is they'll probably come across a Starbucks or a Legends because I am sure those two businesses are already operating on the lunar surface.

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