Are the New Orleans Saints snake bit?

An offseason with Drew Brees retiring, Michael Thomas ghosting his coaches and not getting a second medical opinion he promised to get, starting player suspensions, star player arrests, and a bevy of other fallible situations have made the 2021 outlook for the New Orleans Saints questionable at best, and completely dire at worst.

The latest snake bite is the injury of 2019 Pro Bowl kicker Wil Lutz.

Lutz was dealing with a groin injury coming into training camp, and apparently, it's worsened. He departed Saturday's practice early, and now we know why.

Is the surgery going to happen?

While Lutz doesn't specifically say he's going under the knife, but some reading into his latest social media post believe he's confirming it. Count me among them.

You be the judge.

It certainly looks like surgery is coming for Lutz. Either way, expect him to miss time. The Saints brought in several kickers for tryouts today.

At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if Saints fans are terrified to log onto the internet in fear they will be bit with more bad news about their favorite team.

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