A new car is, in my humble opinion, one Hell of a graduation present. Kendrick Lamar bought his sister a new car for her high school graduation. The New York Daily News reports, some folks took to twitter to bash him. He bought her a 2017 Toyota Camry. That sounds to me like a great gift for a new graduate. She won't have to buy exotic fuel, or a lot of it. Not to mention, no monthly note. Camrys are fuel efficient, reliable, safe, and durable. Kendra tweeted, "Thank you big brother for my graduation gift!" She proudly posted photos, as well. A few internet trolls said things like,"If I gotta buy a car for ma sis ima make it look sexy." Great grammar & spelling, dontcha think! LMAO! Others were very supportive. My sister gave me a used Camry last fall. I was thrilled.

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