As important as social distancing and staying at home is right now, experts say keeping your vehicle clean is another important step to reducing the spread of the coronavirus.

One great to way to help keep the inside of your car virus-free is by keeping a container of disinfectant wipes handy to wipe down everything you touch.

Store door handles, shopping carts, gas pumps, debit card screens are all surfaces that could possibly transmit COVID-19. By keeping disinfectant wipes in our vehicles we can clean our hands and anything we're touched in the vehicle after we've touched any of the above surfaces.

If your vehicle has a leather interior you'll want to check to make sure certain disinfectants won't dry it out. If that is the case you can use mild soap and water or a leather conditioner to protect those surfaces.

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"One other area might not be so immediately evident: The top of the dashboard is a prime spot for harboring such microorganisms, according to Charles P. Gerba, a professor of microbiology and public health at the University of Arizona. Recirculating air swirls up against the windshield and sticks to the dash, where it can be distributed throughout the cabin, Gerba said. Cleaning that spot reduces risk."



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