Tune in tonight at 7:00 pm to KATC-TV 3 if you'd like to learn more about the candidates vying for Louisiana's Third Congressional District seat.

The station is hosting a forum and it is being held in the Moncus Theatre at the Acadiana Center for the Arts in downtown Lafayette. It will be broadcast live on KATC-TV, katc.com, and KATC's over-the-top applications. Re-broadcasts will happen at times to be determined by AOC Community Media.

There are four candidates for this Congressional seat and three will be participating in tonight's event: Rob Anderson (D-Sulphur), Braylon Harris (D-Lake Charles), and Brandon LeLeux (L-Lake Charles).


The fourth candidate, incumbent Rep. Clay Higgins (R-Lafayette), has declined the offer to participate, saying his record speaks for itself. However, he has agreed to participate in a debate on KATC should there be a runoff.

Rep. Higgins released the following statement in regards to him not participating in tonight's forum.

"Thank you for the invitation to attend KATC's candidate forum. As a candidate in 2016, I participated in many forums. This era of COVID-19 restrictions on actual gatherings has no doubt impacted every unknown candidate's ability to communicate their intended views and stances on important issues. In my case, four years of actual Congressional service and voting record make my own positions clear for the people of Louisiana. It is good, that my friends at KATC will attempt to help unknown candidates with no voting record state their own case. If the voting constituents of Louisiana's 3rd District push one of the candidates into a runoff with me, I will most certainly debate any candidate one-on-one at any venue. That’s a debate. What you’re attending before Election Day is an introductory forum.

My focus is on official duties, serving South Louisiana constituents, and delivering maximum recovery for those impacted by Hurricanes Laura and Delta. We are working around the clock on these efforts. I extend sincere best wishes for every candidate attempting to explain their own platform. Good luck. My record of service is well-known. I stand upon my four-year voting record, my televised service on Congressional Committees, countless public statements, hundreds of hours of candid media interviews, and four years of actual constituent services across the 3rd District. My positions are clear. Our message of Constitutionalist, Conservative principles is solid. I will continue to communicate these stances directly to the citizens of South Louisiana. I respect any individual who seeks public service. Candidate forums are excellent opportunities for first-time candidates to introduce themselves and their message to voters. I hope that your event is successful to that end. If I can be of service to you in my official capacity, please let me know."

KATC anchor Jim Hummel will moderate the forum. All of the questions posed to the candidates will be about issues pertaining to the Third Congressional District and its residents. The candidates will not have access to the questions ahead of time.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and related concerns, the theatre will be closed to the general public.


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