We visited the "City Market" region of Kansas City, Missouri over this past weekend, taking in the sights and sounds of their farmer's market.

Having been in operation since 1857, City Market is one of the midwest's longest-running farmer's markets, with restaurants, shops, museums and entertainment venues, and of course, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables!

City Market Veggies
Fresh fruits and vegetables at Kansas City's City Market

The Arabia Steamboat Museum is a great stop for the young and old, with artifacts from the salvaged wreckage and the whole story behind its sinking.

When it's time for lunch, a stop at Carollo's Gourmet Grocery and Deli will not disappoint!

City Market Grille
Carollo's Gourmet Grocery's grille....

Here's a short panoramic video with the sights and sounds of the farmer's market at City Market in Kansas City, MO!


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