Lion Kinging: Lifting a small animal or child into the air and singing the circle of life, preferably with some sort of light shining on you, like Rafiki does to Simba at the start of the lion king.

-- Urban Dictionary

Yes, "Lion Kinging" is a thing. Well, at least Urban Dictionary says it's a thing. But whether it is a thing or not doesn't matter, what matters is that Justin Timberlake raised a strangers baby up in the air and sang "Ahh Savenya".

The father of the baby, which I will now refer to as Simba, was watching the Pro-Am golf tournament and asking every passing celebrity to hold his baby. Seriously, he legit yelled "hold my baby" at Steph Curry and Tony Hawk.

Not even Simba's adorable baby face could distract them from their golf game, but then Justin appeared and that oh-so epic moment happened. Rafiki's (Justin Timberlake's) eyes met Simba's and JT knew what he must do. He held that beautiful baby up in the air and sang out in the most glorious ex-Disney boy bander voice known to man.

*Side Note: the actual lyrics during that part of the song are "Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba Sithi uhm ingonyama". Not that I expect anyone to be able to sing that, but the more ya know. Right?*

Ok, back to JT and the baby.

If that mini-moment of Disney magic didn't make you an instant Justin Timberlake fan, I don't know what will. Who am I kidding? Everyone is a Justin Timberlake fan, so this video just made the whole world love him that much more.

I'm not sure how Justin played in the actual golf tournament, but after watching this video it's pretty clear that JT's the real MVP.

Oh, and good luck getting the "Circle of Life" out of your head.

[via YouTube, College News Network]

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