Embattled Lafayette City Marshal Brian Pope and his legal team will once again be in court today. The City Marshal has been charged with malfeasance in office and a couple of counts of perjury.

Most of the first day of the trial, Monday, was spent with the legal teams for both sides in the case filing motions and posturing for the remainder of the trial. Among the questions, Judge David Smith was asked to rule on was a motion by Pope's legal team regarding jury nullification. That allows a jury member to vote not convict because he or she disagrees with the law. Judge Smith did not allow that motion.

Attorneys and those associated with the case have been under a gag order for several months. That gag order was issued over fears that excessive media coverage or comments from those involved in the trial could taint the jury pool. In fact, an argument for a change of venue in the case is pending. Judge Smith will rule on that motion if there is an issue finding an impartial jury to hear the case.

Speaking of jurors, the selection process for those jurors is expected to commence during court proceedings today. The court is expected to be gaveled into session at 9 AM this morning.

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