It was on like Donkey Kong for Jimmy Fallon's first episode (Feb. 17) as host of the new 'Tonight Show.' He demonstrated the evolution of hip-hop dancing with a little help from rapper-turned-actor Will Smith.

Smith pretty much went into Fresh Prince mode while he and J. Fall busted moves left and right.

It was certainly a nostalgic two-plus minutes, as the unlikely pair donned denim overalls with one flap down, paired with loud, print pattern shirts and tan work boots in order to do their thang.

They threw down with the following moves: 'The Cabbage Patch,' 'The Running Man,' 'The Robot,' 'The Pop and Lock,' 'The Steal the Face,' 'The Wop,' 'The I'm About to Break Dance,' 'The Kid 'N Play,' 'The Leg Thing No One Can Do' (we think it's called 'Threading the Needle' or at least it may have been at one point in time), 'The Biz,' 'The Hey Ho,' 'The MC Hammer,' 'The Humpty Dance,' 'The Fish Eye,' 'The Spank That,' 'The Dirt Off Your Shoulder,' 'The Making it Rain,' 'The Picking Up the Money,' 'The Crank That,' 'The Stanky Legg,' 'The Dougie,' 'The Carlton' and 'The Twerk,' which was the finale that sent Smith off the stage.

What happened to 'The Lean Back'?!

Still, it was an entertaining way to encapsulate the development of dancing to rap music. Watch it all go down in the video above!