Is the rumor of the Five Guys Secret Menu just typical internet bologna, or is there actual truth behind it? According to a tweet today from Jimmy Fallon, it's real...and it's fantastic.

Jimmy Fallon tweeted a picture today (05/06/21) of a patty melt and french fries with the caption "Did you guys know there is a secret menu at @FiveGuys? I just had the patty melt. Amazing."

I can't disagree with him, it does look quite delicious. But, wait...Five Guys doesn't have patty melts available on their menu, right?


Obviously, Fallon is known for his comedic antics, so could this just be the late-night comedian pulling another stunt?

Does Five Guys Have a Secret Menu?

It appears that there really is a secret menu with all sorts of delicious, unspoken food options not listed on the regular Five Guys menu.

The folks over at have scoured the internet, and have found quite a few of these secret Five Guys menu items.

Now, I am just hearing about this secret caloric cornucopia of hush-hush bounty, so I haven't personally had the chance to try and order any of these off-the-menu items at Five Guys. If you can speak to the validity of the secret items listed below, please let us know!

Some of these "secret" burgers and off-menu food items were actually posted by Five Guys, so I'm guessing that maybe some of them are available at certain locations and not at others.

1. The Five Guys Patty Melt


2. The Presidential Burger


3. The Double Grilled Cheese Burger


4. In-N-Out Animal Style Burger


5. Five Guys Burger Bowl


6. The Artery Annihilator 


There are a few more Five Guys secret menu items you can take a look at over at

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