This girl's (now ex) boyfriend sent her a list of "rules" to follow while attending a music festival. Pretty sure that's one of many reasons he's now an ex.

Zoe Scholefield of Wakefield, West Yorkshire messaged her then boyfriend about what bands he would like video of that she would be seeing at a music festival in the UK. His response, seemingly without any other provocation, was this list of rules to follow!

And as it turns out, HE is the one that cheated on HER!

1.) Don’t dance like a slag in reflex
2.) Don’t get too drunk
3.) No boys and if anyone comes upto you and talks to you you tell them you have a boyfriend
4.) Look after your drink at all time to make sure no one puts owt in it
5.) stick with (redacted) or (redacted) all time not (redacted) by looks of last night though mostly (redacted)
6.) No one but you 4 in your room besides (redacted) but he can’t sleep
7.) You can’t go in anyone else’s room
8.) You let me know everything that happened and be ready to explain stories
9.) Always send me photos of front and back of what you are wearing so I can approve and say whether or not I think you should wear it
10.) Even when I’m asleep text me to tell me things so I can see in the morning
11.) If you find time call me or ft me but let me know in advance
12.) If you can want a video of room before you sleep to prove no one else is there and you are off to sleep

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