What's the big deal about taking a flight from Lafayette to Marksville, you may ask? Well, for someone like me, it is a pretty big deal.

You see, it's always been my dream to fly.  I don't mean in an airplane, I mean like a superhero! Alas, I know that it's not possible to soar through the air unassisted, so I cherish any flight time I can get.

When my friend Ron called me with an offer to take the plane up for a few hours, I jumped on the opportunity. Not only did I get to fly for a while, but I also got to spend some quality time with Ron and we all had a great lunch together, thanks to our host Darrell.

An interesting side note: near Marksville, we saw a design in a pond that we can't quite figure out.

Another interesting side note: Ron was very instrumental in planning the most amazing experience in my life: a flight in an F-16!

Anyway, here's the time-lapsed version of our experience for the day! (By the way, flight time from Lafayette to Marksville is about 19 minutes.)

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