The things we do for charity: JayCee loves to sing, but hates for people to hear him sing as much as people hate hearing him sing. Even though, JayCee was a man of his word. He challenged KTDY listeners to become Partners in Hope, pledging to sing his "Chicken Song" if at least 10 people called in within 1/2 hour to become Partners in Hope. 12 people really, really wanted to hear something horrible on the radio, we imagine, because that is how many mentioned "JayCee" and "chicken" during their call to 800-372-4999.

JayCee, thanks for helping raise money for St. Jude but, please, in the future, save your singing for the shower!

If you would like to support St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, please call 800-372-4999, text "LIVE" to 785-833, or click the "St. Jude" link on the KTDY App.

#stjude #thisshirtsaveslives

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