Today, while rummaging through my cousin's house, I came across a half-gallon Jack Daniels Old No. 7 Whiskey decanter!

One of my uncles died earlier this year, and my cousin sent out the "come and get what you want" text earlier this week. I wanted to go more for spending time with them than actually going through their old stuff, but this was one find that caught my eye.

I was really young when my aunt passed away, so my memory of her is limited to her very outgoing personality, her love for friends and family, and her rice dressing: every rice dressing I have eaten since her passing pales in comparison to Aunt Rose's rice dressing!

My Uncle  Pee Wee was a WWII veteran, serving as a mechanic on a Higgin's boat in the South Pacific. My Aunt Rose was a Jill-of-all-Trades like the rest of my mom's family. She could cook, sea, quilty, knit/crochet, make molds that served as paperweights with crawfish or tiny crabs inside. She could cut, style, perm and color hair. She raised a priest and a geologist. And she made a mean rice dressing. They had been married for 53 years at the time of her passing.

Something else they did (of which, until today, I was unaware): they collected bottles. Lots of bottles. Most of them were either beer or whiskey bottles, but several were old shoe shine bottles, ketchup bottles, medicine bottles, and old-fashioned creamery jugs. I also found out today that they probably drank what came out of several of those bottles (not the shoe shine, of course! (IIRC, my Aunt Rose was partial to Schlitz beer!).

Anyhoot, while digging around in an old cabinet space that had been converted to a work area for her hair salon, there were several bottles that had been stored in a boarded-up cabinet, and this decanter was just one of several great finds!

On the rear of the bottle, the label reads "Bottling No. 4, Taster: ERS, Master Taster: JSN (I think).

Jack Daniel's Old No 7 Whiskey Half Gallon Whiskey Decanter Townsquare Media Photo by John Falcon
Jack Daniel's Old No 7 Whiskey Half Gallon Whiskey Decanter Townsquare Media Photo by John Falcon

There is a metal band around the neck of the bottle that also reads "Bottling #4, August 1971".

Pretty cool find, huh?


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